Hack Wifi networks like an expert!

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Hey guys!! Today my post will be a treat to all the owners and non-owners of a WiFi network. Watch out!! You must be falling into either of these two categories: One being the guy who owns a luxurious WiFi and wants to protect it from outsiders to hack it and the other being the one who irrespective of whether he owns a WiFi or not wants a high speed WiFi which was owned by anyone for all that matters. I have solutions for all of you guys. Hear out the premium guy with the luxurious WiFi. The first thing you'd do is open whatever browser you have and type "" on the URL bar. You will be redirected to a page which will prompt you for username and password (generic for most routers) which I'm guessing you probably have lost. No worries. Google your routers manual online. Then login there and change the password to something which no-one can even dream of guessing. This will be under the administration settings on the routers settings page. Doing this would prevent you from giving yourself into rookie hackers who would just try accessing your network with default usernames and passwords of the different routers, modems and other networking equipment’s which are available in a public database. This would make your network 99% secure because nobody can guess anybody's password just so easily. But if you are a perfectionist and want to make your WiFi network 100% secure go for it. If you are the guy who owns a WiFi but still want a no-waiting-while-watching-HD-videos WiFi, let me tell you one thing bro: greed is human sin or nature or whatever you call it. There is nothing wrong in it. Or if you are the guy who don't own a WiFi at all but still want any WiFi that comes your way, let me tell you my friend you are in the "nothing to lose" category. "No Pain No Gain" sounds cliché now. We are going to gain high-speed internet without pain of any sorts. 

So which side are you on?

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So whichever side of the fence you are sitting in, you are just 2 3 clicks away from cracking into your neighbor’s WiFi network. We are going to hack WiFi network of our neighbor with probably the most seemingly complicated thing is made very simple using this software "The Wifi Hacker 2015".


Is free PayPal money for real?

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I'm presuming you are a guy who lives paycheck to paycheck at the end of each month. This kind of life sucks the life out of you. Walking dead is what you are living this life. Being an IT professional, I always searched for an extra source of income. Normal Money are managed by banks. Online money are managed by PayPal. Just as mutual funds and other stuffs are there to manage normal money, there are so many alternatives to PayPal for managing online money. But PayPal is the king. You can't go to any normal bank and ask them "Give me money sir. I have problems", let alone rob. But you can get PayPal free money using a PayPal money adder software. This is commonly called as the PayPal money generator. Now all the skeptics out there, I was a skeptic too and questions like "Is PayPal money adder real?" "Is it actually possible?? PayPal free money? “Hit me as well. One wise old great man once said "Action kills doubt". I had one source of income from the IT job and this is just another source of income. This would not affect my primary source of income and so I had really got nothing to lose. My own IT job feeds me 24x7. Then again this PayPal money generator, as simple as it may sound, deposits free money into your account. If you want to get free PayPal money now, PayPal money generator is the place you go to. PayPal is robbing millions of people off billions of rupees. Their turnover is 100x more than what is required for the company. Usually people would hide their black money or the illegitimate money in Swiss banks. But if you own a corporate company, you just have to pretend you are investing in the company itself for future growth. That way you can escape government's eye and look better in front of the crowd as well. That is exactly what PayPal is doing now. So hacking it is yes but it is ethical. This software doesn’t take money from someone else's account and give it to you. It takes money from the excess funds of PayPal and put it in your account. Be it in their funds or your funds, money should be used. Those PayPal owners won’t be using it anyway, you better use the free PayPal money which is available just for you. PayPal money adder exe will be there once you download. Open it. Enter the amount. Click on Add money. I'm sure no one is so weak not to move their cursor onto the add money button and click on it. You better grab it when it is available. Who knows when PayPal will demolish this software? You won’t be robbed off your free PayPal money and you won’t be caught because it isn’t your terminal that everything is happening. Time to enjoy mates!!!!!!!!!


Enjoy free movies with the Netflix premium account generator

The greatest inventions weren't the by-products of structured and organized thinking. It just happens within a flash. It all happened when Reed Hastings forgot to return a DVD "Apollo 13" which he lended within due date. He had to pay 40$ 2 decades ago which is quite a big amount. So that dude must have been like "Why embarrass yourself in front of someone just because you had his property for few more days than you were supposed to do?” Then this idea had hit him. Why go to shop at the first place to get some DVDs to watch the movies you like. Why can't it be possible with the computer which was on the rise during that time? That’s when he and his friend Marc Rudolph came together to start Netflix. Netflix, as you know it, is paid monthly subscription service to watch multimedia content online. You would be given free Netflix account credentials once you subscribe to any of their plans. Interestingly enough, both reed n mark were colleagues in their previous company Pure Software. Reed had the ideas. Marc had the marketing skills. And they both really clicked together. Marc introduced reed to the upcoming concept of e-commerce which he said is going to become global which it did.  And look now how big Netflix is. If there are any original TV series around Netflix would buy it and would premier it on their stream and makes sure no one else premiers it. The House of Cards which is a political drama and started on 2013 whose first seasons became a huge hit. Unlike other serials in which one episode would be released every week keeping the people on their seats for almost a week making their minds occupied with what will happen next week and unable to concentrate on their life which actually matters rather than some character on a TV series who the people care so much about.


Generate unlimited free Netflix accounts 


Netflix, on the other hand, releases all the episodes in one go so that users wouldn't have to be impatient waiting for the next episode. The catch of Netflix is you wouldn't be disappointed by the advertisements that would be premièred in a nail biting situation in the series. Advertisements are like a cancer in this world. Wherever you go it is there. When you travel on the roads, you can see banners and posters of all kind of advertisements. We wouldn't mind those silly banners anyway. But here the context is different, you put your whole being into watching this series and there is really some interesting scene going on. You definitely wouldn't want to be interrupted by these advertisements. So you pray to god: "Oh Lord!! The creator of everything give me free Netflix account and password" I am an atheist in every sense of the word. But god sure heard your prayers and gave you free Netflix account credentials. I am calling the person who coded this software Netflix premium generator God. This god demands one little extra thing from you. You have to pray for the free Netflix account which you would to all the gods you believe in and click on generate button. Netflix account username and password ready. You are good to go!!